Doctor Marmori meeting with members of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences


In the present month of October, Doctor Marmori was meeting in the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS) for the cooperation Project between China and Europe (CHETCH). CHETCH is an international project which goal is to investigate opportunities for mutual integration in the health sector between China and European countries.
Dr. Marmori, representing the European Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (FEMTC), has been in Beijing during a week with CACMS and the University of Chinese Medicine Nanjing (NJUCM) researchers to extend the collaboration between China and Europe.
In the various meetings, a work strategy has been defined in order to undertake systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials with acupuncture treatment performed in the past decade.
The purpose of these studies is to analyze what are the benefits of Chinese medicine in terms of effectiveness and contemplate how to integrate Chinese medicine in Europe various health systems.
The outcome of meetings was to finalize the report within one year.


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